Two Good Reasons to Consider An Installment Loan

When most people need cash, they need it fast. The problem is that banks are not a fast-moving entity ready to shell out cash immediately. So, whether you have good or bad credit, if cash is needed immediately, installment loan companies are often the best option. Now installment loans shouldn’t be confused with payday loans, although they are similar in that they can provide poor credit individuals with cash quickly. They differ when it comes to payback options. Payday loans are paid back on an individual’s next payday. An installment loan, on the other hand, allows the borrower several months to repay the money. This is especially beneficial when a person needs to borrow a larger amount of money and paying it back immediately could put them in a financial bind. So, as a consumer, you might ask yourself what could a loan such as this be used for?


In today’s hard hit economy, many people are carrying past due amounts on their bills. It’s not uncommon for tenants to pay just enough money to keep utilities from being cut off, rolling over the balance until the next month. This can often catch up with them at the least opportune moment. By taking out an installment loan, tenants and homeowners can catch up all their bills at once, starting the year off fresh. Sometimes, people just need an opportunity to get caught up, and they can then take it from there. These easy to obtain loans are perfect for this.


No one wants to see the look of disappointment on a child’s face on Christmas morning because there just wasn’t enough money to spend on gifts. Instead, an increasing number of people who don’t have the luxury of credit cards take out an installment loan to tide them over the holidays. They can buy their child’s heart’s desire and often have enough left over for a quality grocery shopping trip for the holiday meals. Yes, just like a credit card bill would have to be paid off, but the extra infusion of cash allows parents to sigh a bit of relief as the holidays rush toward them.

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